Precedent Maker LITE

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This is LITE version.

[Users manual]
Tap to continue.
Tap and hold to scroll forward automatically.

Flick to the left to hide the message window.
When the message window is hidden, flick to the right to reveal it.

When the message window is shown, flick to the right to skip the parts you have already read.
Keep tapping with three fingers to skip all parts.

Tap with two fingers to show the menu including save and load.

Flick upwards to show logs.
Flick up and then down to check logs.

My name is TigerToe GentleJustice.
I am a third-year student in WellValley and became 16 years old this year.
I am studying hard to become a knight.

Its an age of wars. I am still 16 but I am engaged.

My fiance is younger than me, and his name is Panther. He always makes me nervous.
Camellia, who has a crush on him, always makes me feel sad.

I am tired of the incidents they keep causing.

By the way. my school has a summoning course.
Although Im aiming to become a knight,
it would be great if I could summon a monster as well...This is my story, the girl who wants both.

This game supports the following languages:

If you select Japanese, all the Chinese characters are provided with hiragana.
This makes it easier to read if you are a non-native speaker, or student, of Japanese.

We would be delighted if you tried to experience the game using the Japanese script.
All comments are appreciated.

[Contact us]
Please feel free to contact us by email in Japanese or simple English.